St. Mary’s Nursing Home

创办于:: Since 1985年

* Affordable & Reasonable Price 价钱公道合理

Activities 活动 :
• Visit our videos on Youtube Regards to variation & happy activities We have fashion shows Sports days and colouring competitions to name a few
• 欢迎观看我们的 Youtube 视频 我们有时装秀 运动日和填色比赛等等…… 关爱及快乐的活动。

NURSE + SPECIALIST Care 专业护理师及护士照顾:
• Wound Management 伤口护理
• We are experienced with care of the terminally ill 我们经验丰富于照顾绝症患者
• We Look after post operations including fractures 我们照顾骨折及手术后需做复健者
• Stroke care and rehabilitation 中风护理和康复
• End-Stage Care 关怀年迈者
• Consult us for Accupuncture services 针灸服务
•Others Services 其他服务

• Call Bell System 紧急求救系统
• CCTV Under Operation 监视器设施
• We also have dormitory systems 我们也有宿舍系统
• Sharing and single rooms available 共享和单人房
• Room TV 房间电视设备
• Air Conditioning 冷气设备
• Ceiling Fans 风扇设备

Tel: 012-393 7283

• 2, Jalan Halimahton, Taman Halimahton, 58100 K.L.
• 22, Jalan Othman, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
• 31, Jalan Othman, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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