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1 to 1 Flash Cards Methodology: Mandarin, BM & English (3-10)

你的孩子能掌握3语的阅读能力吗? 三至七岁是孩子学习的黄金时期,越小越有效,别错过了好时机!
Do your kids have the ability to read in all 3 languages? The prime learning time for a kid ranges from the age of three to seven, so don’t miss the chance!

小学 KSSR:
偏重阅读,强调多识字。小学6年总共要认识约2500个 汉字。如果孩子的识字量不够,将影响孩子学习各科目的 进度。
KSSR programme emphasizes more on reading, recognising more vocabulary . The entire syllabus of 6 years’ primary school will be introducing 2500 Chinese words.

我们的特色 Our Specialisations:
• 在一年内认识超过1000个华语、国语及英语单字,不但能读也能了解其含义 Enable to recognize thousand of words in Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia & English within a year.

• 加强三语阅读及书写能力,减轻入学后功课上的压力 Develop the ability to read fluently and improve writing skills in all three languages.

• 启发和平衡左右脑的潜能,并提升记忆力和专注力 Stimulate and maintain balance of both left and right brain usage, and also improve concentration and memory.

• 拥有一套完整的教材及作业:三种语文共28本课本,约5000个生字 28 textbooks for 3 languages, approximately 5000 words in total.

• 根据KSSR编排作业格式(小学学生):看图造句,作文,童诗,诗歌朗诵,PEMAHAMAN, BINA AYAT, KARANGAN, GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, MAKING SENTENCES. Revision and exercise books are based on KSSR format (primary school students)

• 快乐无压力的学习环境 Pleasant and relaxing learning environment.


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