Pusat Latihan Perkembangan EPAL

Address: No. 13A-1, Jalan Perubatan 2, Pandan Indah, 55100 K.L. (Opposite Steven Corner)
Tel: 03-42808980/ 016-3281980
Website: www.krisepal.com.my

Enhancement Programmes for children ages 2½ years & above

Morning/ Afternoon Session ➢➢➢
Pingu’s English(from UK)
The World’s Leading English Language Programme

It’s effective, rewarding & fun to learn to speak and read
Pingu 的英语 (来自英国) 有效, 有回报和有趣 (学习说话和阅读)

English Phonetic Reading 英语拼音阅读
Proven, systematic & shortest time to read and spell automatically 证明, 系统化, 最短的时间内自动阅读和拼写
•A blessing to every child, who comes our way

学习形式包含认字、汉语拼音、句型、阅读、写作、造句、理解、 成语、同/反义词等等。
活用4000个词语、造句等等。独立完成 400到500 字的短文理解一般文章中的内容
«New Concept Chinese»
A structured programme specially tailored for children from 3 years old to secondary level emphasising on word recognition, reading, writing and comprehension – making sentences, essay writing,proverbs, pin yin, synonyms, antonyms, etc

◆ Primary English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese 小学英语,国语和华语

Holiday Classes Art & Robotics Workshop Available
• Engineering 工程、建造
• Practical Science and Technology 实用型科学技术
• Problem Solving Skills 解决问题的技巧
• Critical Thinking 批判性思考
• Logical Thinking 逻辑思维
• Creativity Boosting 激发创造力
• Teamwork 团队合作

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