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– 以日本桧木制作而成,形状特别的Power Tree Hinoki, 平衡与针对性的专业体雕技法,配合完美的人体工学弧线, 贴服地帮助塑造优美曲线。
– The Power Tree Hinoki fool is a unique-shaped tool made from high-quality Japanese cypress, Strong, stable pressure is applied to strong point with great force than by hand, which loosen tense muscles.

3 Main Features 3大功效::
– Tones the body by reducing fat. 促进脂肪分解,全身细致体雕。
– Works on Cellulite and increases capacity for weight reduction. 促进经络淋巴排毒,加速新陈代谢。
– Make it easier to eject toxic when treated in line with lymph flow. 肌肉前所未有的深层放松,释放身心疲劳。

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