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大量菲律宾,印尼,越南,柬埔寨女佣供应 (Massive Biodatas)女佣落跑,照片将登上网. 另有清洁女工,女厂工,供应短期工人 /女佣
Supply a lot of the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia maid photo(Massive Biodatas).
Additional cleaning workers, Female factory workers, supply of short-term workers.

10年经验 专解决奇难杂症

14天人不到原银奉还 If the maid did’t arrival within 14 days, we will retun back money
** 欢迎全国同行委托 Journey Performed Visa (JP Visa)

热线电话 Hotline / Whatsapp: 017-291 3263 (24小时)

Office Main: 012-780 3263
Fax: 03-7803 9212
Sg Buloh: 012-780 3263
Damansara: 016-332 5023




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